Farmland irrigation is related closely to the living of the people. Our country is mainly to produce and depend on the rice. After getting through long-term development, current organization and pattern of our farmland irrigation not only is met for standard but also has perfect facilities for operation. Therefore, our irrigation technology, utilization of water resources, and operation with sound organizationis one of the most successful countries in the world. In order to utilize the irrigation water resources effectively, there are seventeen Irrigation Associations in Taiwan. Except distributing the water resources appropriately, they are responsible for maintaining on irrigation and drainage facilities within their territories. The functions of those organizations are to supply the water for farmland and drainage the surplus water, and to be equipped with working for paddy fields production, domestic living, and ecological environment. At present, the important facilities of Irrigation Associations include leading canal, main canal, lateral canal, sub-lateral canal, ditch, culvert, and water measuring facilities, etc. which are under management of each local irrigation association. In order to let all circles realize about farmland irrigation affairs in Taiwan, this topic is complied for your reference.