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Irrigation Agency


Pingtung Management Office

Basic information

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    No. 143, Xinyi Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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The terrain of this area is plains surrounded by mountains and rivers. The east is the southern section of the Central Mountain Range, which endlessly undulates next to the plain and acts as a barrier. The west is a fertile plain, connecting the Gaoping River Basin at the county boundary and forms sloping topography. The mountains and plains are divided by the Chaozhou fault zone, which runs from north to south. The scope of this starts from the flat land in Ligang and Jiuruzhi in the north; extends from the Donggang, Linbian and Fangliao coast to the south, with Gaoping River in the west, and banana fields in the east. It is commonly known as the Pingtung Plain and is formed by the alluvial plain rivers network of Gaoping River, Qishan River, Laonong River, Linbian River and Ailio Township. The geology is composed of gravel, sand and clay soil layers, making it suitable for agriculture.

Irrigation system
  1. Irrigation water source: surface water is taken from natural water flows in  Zhuokou , Ailio, Gaoping, Wuluo, Donggang, Linbian, Fenggang, Cuimang and Sichong River, by pumping, damming or tunneling. There are 15 water pumps, 852 wells drilled to groundwater sources, and 865 pumps for various deep and shallow wells, with a total of 11,823 horsepower for pumping and diversion.
  2. Irrigation channels: the main canals among irrigation channels from north to south are Jiuliao Canal, Ligang Canal, Ailiao, Yanpu Canal, Chonglan Canal, Yongan Canal, Wandan Canal, Dong Canal, Yongshun Pond and Sigou Canal, Jiucuicuo Pond, Dapi Canal, Zhongzhen Pond, Xinpi Pond, Changlongshang Pond, Neixi Canal and Checheng Pond and other main channels running through the whole area and forming the water delivery system.
  3. Drainage channels: the main drainage channels include Taishan Canal Second Main Channel, Wuluo River Main Channel Straight Drainage, Liukuaicuo Farm Main Channel, Wulong Drainage Main Channel, Xinyuan Drainage Main Channel, Xinghua Drainage Main Channel, Lishe Drainage Main Channel and other main channels used for farmland drainage.

Irrigation scheme

Double cropped fields, single cropped fields, and fields of other cultivation types.

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