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Irrigation Agency


Taitung Management Office

Basic information

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    No. 190, Xinsheng Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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This irrigation area is located in the southeastern part of Taiwan, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Central Mountain Range to the west, and the Coastal Mountains to the east. The terrain slopes from west to east, with a gradient of about 1/15. From Dawu Township in the south to Changbin and Chishang Township in the north, there are 12 townships and cities in total. The average annual temperature is about 23 degrees. The dry season falls from November to April and in the summer the plum rain season and typhoons make it the wet season. Most of the rainfall falls from July to September but the distribution is uneven. The working area covers an area of 14,341 hectares.

Irrigation system
  1. Water sources: There are 181 primary, secondary and ordinary rivers, where water is taken from river surface water. There are 9 groundwater pumping stations for drought relief, with a pumping volume of 0.455CMS. The main irrigation water source is the Beinan River system, with an irrigation area of 9,657 hectares. The irrigation area of the Lijia, Zhiben and Taimali River systems is 1,409 hectares. As for the water sourced from mountain pits in the Chenggong area, the rivers run through steep slopes and are short, with river water going straight into the sea and an irrigation area of 3,139 hectares. In addition, Xiuguluan River has an irrigation area of 136 hectares.
  2. Main canal, lateral canal and sub-lateral canal total 823,023 meters in length, with small ditches totaling 1,408,785 meters.

Irrigation scheme
  1. Irrigation schemes are divided into 3 types. Other than the 7th to 17th lateral canals of Guanshan Canal which irrigate post single cropped fields and Taoyuan Canal, Luye Canal and Beinanshang Canal which irrigate upland irrigation areas, the rest of the canals irrigate double cropped fields. The crops include mainly rice, sugar apples and tea trees.
  2. Since 1985, water-saving pipeline irrigation has been implemented. From 1985 to 2006, the promotion area reached 3,663 hectares, benefiting 3,575 farmers, with subsidies for irrigation facilities of up to NT$174,512,997. The benefited areas include 14 townships and cities, including Chishang, Guanshan, Haiduan, Luye, Yanping, Beinan, Taitung, Taimali, Jinfeng, Daren, Dawu, Donghe, Chenggong and Changbin.
  3. Volunteer work teams: In Chenggong District irrigation facilities are scattered in the mountains and management is challenging. The irrigation team itself offers voluntary labor to work in concert with annual maintenance work, conducting dredging, repairing canals and distributing various materials such as plastic pipes with greater performance and outstanding results.

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