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We Made It! Irrigation Services Expanded to 56,000 Hectares

Date :2024-01-03 Issued by Irrigation Agency

In 2020, the Irrigation Associations were reorganized into the Irrigation Agency, transitioning into a government agency. Since then, the Agency has expanded irrigation services to cover 56,000 hectares, benefiting 80,000 farmers, with canal dredging increasing by nearly 60% annually.
Investment in irrigation construction has reached billions, driving rural economic development!
The expanded service capacity has significantly improved administrative efficiency!
The increase in irrigation construction funds facilitated the establishment of diverse dredging notification mechanisms for farmers;
Annual dredging volume saw substantial growth, and resilient irrigation facilities were systematically built,

Service coverage has expanded to include all arable land across Taiwan;

Through interdepartmental collaboration and public-private partnerships, irrigation and drainage separation as well as source pollution prevention were implemented to enhance water quality inspections.

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Last Updated::2024-03-25