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2022 Liugong Canal System Commemorative Ceremony announcement

Date :2022-11-22 Issued by Liugong

On November 14, Liugong Irrigation Association held a Liugong Canal Commemorative Ceremony presided over by section head Chu Chien-wei, with Irrigation Agency Deputy head Chen Yen-yuan, and various irrigation group heads, officials and colleagues also in attendance, preparing offerings of three kinds of sacrifice and wine for national prosperity and peace.

The Liugong Canal System was an important irrigation project started by settler Kuo Hsi-liu in 1740 during the Qing Dynasty. The system diverted water from the Xindian River to irrigate agricultural land, which boosted the development of agriculture in the Taipei basin. Following the urbanization of Taipei City, the canal system was gradually used less and an annual commemorative ceremony is now held to thank our wise ancestors for their benevolence.

Last Updated::2023-01-31