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The Legislative Yuan recently passed the third reading of the "Farmer Health Insurance Act", which introduced draft provisions that increase the monthly insured amount of farmer insurance, maternity benefits, farmers' occupational accident insurance, injury and sickness benefits and funeral allowances

Date :2023-01-11 Issued by Irrigation Agency

Today (10th) the Legislative Yuan passed the third reading of the "Farmer Health Insurance Act". Council of Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-Chung expressed his gratitude to ruling and opposition legislators and all sectors for their support of farmers and improving their occupational safety and security during the legislative process.

This revision is based on the Executive Yuan version of the bill, doubling the monthly insured amount of agricultural insurance and occupational accident insurance for farmers from the current NT$10,200 to NT$20,400, while also increasing the maternity benefits and funeral allowances of agricultural insurance. In addition, new applicants for agricultural insurance must also participate in farmers' occupational accident insurance to strengthen farmers' occupational accident protections. After the increase in the monthly insurance amount for farmers, the increased agricultural insurance premium will be borne by the government. The agricultural insurance premium for farmers will remain at NT$78 per month, and the funeral allowance for agricultural insurance will be doubled, from NT$153,000 to NT$306,000, to reduce the burden of funeral expenses on family members. In addition, in order to encourage farmers to give have more children, the maternity benefits of agricultural insurance have been increased from the 2 to 3 months, and the amount tripled from NT$20,400 to NT$61,200. These measures encourage young people to invest in agricultural production and older farmers to retire and stop farming, while revitalizing the use of farm land.

(Source: Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan)

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