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Exploring the Past to Understand the Evolution of Irrigation in Taiwan

Date :2023-04-20 Issued by Irrigation Agency

The Irrigation Environment Education Park not only has a dynamic model of irrigation facilities, but also showcases ancient farm tools according to the landscape. It also fully presents the evolution and development of irrigation in Taiwan and early rural cultural relics.

There is also an irrigation facility of great interest - the octagonal water diversion work (Bagua pool). The Linnei water diversion work is the first in Taiwan and Asia to adopt "two-inlets and five-outlets."

Two Inlets: the water source is taken from the Zhuoshui River, through the south bank communication canals and the No. 2 water inlet and guided into the water diversion work.
Five outlets: The water diversion works are used to supply the Zhuoshui trunk line, Zhuoshui water power plant, Mayuan branch line, Wutu branch line and the No. 6 Naphtha Cracking Complex.

This irrigation facility is a model of water resources development and utilization, and is highly recognized by domestic and foreign irrigation professionals.

“Irrigation Environmental Education Park”
Museum visit: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 13:30~16:30
Visit outside the museum: open visit

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