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In memory of Hatta Yoichi (1886-1942) the "Father of Chianan Canal"

Date :2023-05-08 Issued by Secretariat

The Irrigation Agency held a memorial service at Wushantou Reservoir in Tainan on May 8 to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the passing of Hatta Yoichi,” conveying respect and gratitude to the renowned engineer through songs and videos.

In 1920, Hatta led the people of Taiwan and Japan in building Wushantou Reservoir over a period of 10 years. This project involved the construction of Chianan Canal irrigation system, the largest reservoir in Asia at the time, which established a foundation for agricultural development in Taiwan and also promoted the development of industry, commerce and technology, greatly improving the lives of farmers in the Chianan region.

Under the careful maintenance of each generation of agricultural and water conservancy personnel, Chianan Canal has operated for nearly 100 years and still has the densest collection of irrigation channels of any irrigation system in the world. In 2022, it won the 22nd Public Construction Commission Golden Quality Award.

Wushantou Reservoir has also become an important platform for exchanges between Taiwan and Japan. Representatives from the two countries gathered today to reminisce about the single minded perseverance of Mr. Hatta. The Council of Agriculture will continue to learn from his example and provide better services to farmers, while working to ensure the friendship between Taiwan continues and remains solid.

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