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Fantastic News! The Yilan Office Launched Maopu Drainage Improvement Project Won the 2023 Annual Excellent Agricultural Engineering Construction Award

Date :2023-07-12 Issued by Yilan

Because the Maopu drainage project is located in a low-lying area and the stone structure of the channel was seriously damaged, there was frequent flooding. As a result, the Yilan Office launched the Maopu drainage improvement project, which was completed in November 2022 and won the 2023 Annual Agricultural Engineering Award (Design supervision, execution) - Honorable Mention Award

  1. Maopu drainage improvement of 600 meters:
    With the cantilever retaining wall, foundation piles were laid to stabilize the structure.
  2. Improvement of 1,548 meters adjacent to small drainage channel and small ditch:
    Considering the water storage needs of hilly areas in the Yilan field area, concrete rectangular ditches were used to improve the situation.
  3. 1 automatic lodging type weir water gate:
    In the case of temporary heavy rain, the gate leaf automatically falls down and discharge flood water based on the rising water level, improving management efficiency.
Last Updated::2023-08-29