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In line with the government’s green energy policy, the Irrigation Agency announced 13 potential sites for small hydropower generation.

Date :2023-10-03 Issued by Secretariat
In line with the government's renewable energy policy, the Irrigation Agency has expanded the promotion of small hydropower generation and selected 13 potential sites, which were announced on the Agency’s website on October 3. The agency assists industry, academia and research sectors evaluate cooperative developments, with a total estimated installed capacity of more than 1,000kW. The hope is to effectively utilize agricultural water resources to develop diversified green electricity and promote environmental sustainable development.
Taiwan has high mountains and steep slopes, and sometimes abundant rainfall. As a result, certain agricultural and water facilities have excellent conditions to develop small hydropower. With the preconditions of not impacting agricultural irrigation and drainage functions, guaranteeing farmers' water use and not damaging the environment, an investigation was undertaken to identify potential locations for the development of small hydropower. These include 1 location each in Taoyuan City, Miaoli County, Yilan County and Hualien County; 2 locations in Kaohsiung City and 7 locations in Taitung County; supplying nearby agricultural water facilities and agricultural facilities, or supplying public facilities such as street lighting. Enhancing the diversified added value of irrigation facilities helps to promote the symbiosis and co-prosperity of agriculture, environment and energy, as we move toward the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.
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