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The "Daguangming Canal and Pulin Canal Inverted Siphon Strengthening Engineering Project" undertaken by Yilan Management Office was successfully contracted and will comprehensively improve the efficiency of agricultural water use.

Date :2023-09-06 Issued by Yilan

Due to continuous heavy rain in the county at the end of 2022, the water level of the Luodong River surged and flooding washed away the two inverted siphons in Pulin Canal and Daguang Canal that crossed the Luodong River. The Yilan Management Office sought funding from the agency, with the project being approved in June 2023 and completed in August.
The construction of this engineering project not only ensures a stable supply of irrigation water for agriculture, but also avoids a situation where stream water surges and floods the embankment under extreme weather conditions. We also continue to work toward "strengthening irrigation construction" and managing water use systematically and efficiently in order to safeguard the rights and interests of farmers and the well-being of residents.

Daguangming Canal and Pulin Canal Inverted Siphon Strengthening Engineering Project

Image Source:Yilan Management Office, Irrigation Agency

Last Updated::2023-10-24