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Irrigation Agency


The Irrigation Agency won a Gold Medal, the highest honor at the 2023 PwC’s Sustainability Impact Awards

Date :2023-11-20 Issued by Irrigation Agency

The Irrigation Agency won the highest honor Gold Medal in the "Social Innovation Category" at the 7th PwC Sustainability Impact Awards with "Retaining Water to Irrigate the Earth, the Taste of Happiness from Dapingding".

Dapingding in Puli Town, Nantou County, is the most important passion fruit producing area in Taiwan. With its vision of "retaining water to irrigate the earth," the Irrigation Agency promoted the expansion of irrigation services in the Dapingding area and systematically established irrigation pipelines and facilities. In the extreme environment brought about by climate change, it strengthened farmers' water resource resilience in the face of natural disasters, boosted the economic value of the industrial chain, created a high-quality environment for young people to return home, and met farmers' production, life, ecology, culture, and sustainability needs.

Last Updated::2023-11-23