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Locally growth and consumption are the safest choice

Traceable systems make it easier for consumers to trace the origin and production records of produce.

The Ministry of Agriculture first started to promote a "Traceable System" in 2007. Producers with traceable system certification must comply with safe production processes and record production operations and product movement in detail. These records ensure the origin of the produce can be traced.

Consumers only need to scan the Traceable Agricultural Product label on the product with a smartphone, or go online to the Taiwan Traceable Agricultural Product Information Network and enter the trace code, to determine the origin, producer and production records of the produce.

Local consumption reduces food mileage

The more transparent the journey of produce from its place of origin to the dining table, the more comfortable consumers feel and this involves production and sales history, farmers' markets etc. However, the best way is to reduce the journey of the produce from where it is grown to the dining table. The sources of produce are far and near, which can be interpreted by the concept of "food miles" which represents the distance from the place of origin to the dining table. The long-distance transportation of food requires the use of energy-driven means of transportation, including ships, planes, trains, cars etc. Energy is also consumed during the process of storing food, so different food miles generate different levels of carbon dioxide consumption, which impacts the greenhouse effect. There are many benefits to eating locally grown produce, which are not only fresh, but also reduce the impact of food miles on the environment and support local agriculture.

If one wants to eat healthily with peace of mind, the power of consumers cannot be underestimated. Let's start by asking "Where does the food you eat every day come from?"

Reference: Taiwan Agricultural Story Museum
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