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Green bamboo shoots

Green bamboo shoots have a curved horn-like shape, tender insides, little fiber and are the most popular variety of bamboo shoot. The production period for green bamboo shoots in Taiwan is from March to October, with May to July the most productive period. The growing period for "true bamboo shoots" or "big bamboo shoots" in the south is late April to late May; in the north it is mid-June until mid-July; the "autumn shoot season" in the south is mid-July, and in the north late August. In other words, there are two peak production periods for each variety.

It is best to pick bamboo shoots in the early morning. First determine the location of the shoots, look for where the soil surface is slightly cracked as the tip of the bamboo shoot slightly moistens the soil surface, and then the bamboo shoots can be excavated. It is advisable to cut the shoots 1-2cm above the thickest part, to avoid cutting too low and damaging the bamboo shoots at the base and adversely affecting output. If the shoots are picked too late, their tips will protrude from the ground, and turn green when exposed to light, which is called "Chuqing." These green bamboo shoots have a bitter taste, a phenomenon that occurs in hemp bamboo, green bamboo and black shell green bamboo. This bitter substance is unstable when heated, can break down after being boiled in water, but is not poisonous.

Cooking tips

The most refreshing bamboo shoot dish in summer is "green bamboo shoot salad," The most common cooking method boiling. Today, I will share a small step that has been empirically proven. "Steam cooking" is more effective than "boiling in water" if you want to retain the sweetness of green bamboo shoots.

After boiling, the sweetness is reduced by about 30-40%; after cooking, the sweetness is not much different. Next time, try cooking green bamboo shoots with an electric pot to see if they are sweeter.

Reference: Green Bamboo Shoots Theme Pavilion
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