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Grapes are an ancient fruit, containing vitamins A, B1, B2, C, protein, amino acids, fats and various minerals, so eating them regularly is good for the brain, the heart, urinary function, stomach and can make people strong. Grape stems can also be used as medicinal usher, making it an important fruit.

The sugar content, acidity, aroma and flavor of grapes are the most important indicators of quality. High-quality grapes not only have a clear and fragrant aroma, but also a moderate sugar / acid ratio which gives them their quality taste. Delicious grapes with sufficient flavor are not too soft or juicy, the fruit does not drop easily and can be kept for a long time, without uneven spots typically seen after using pesticides. Mihong grapes taste sweeter than Juphone grapes, less sour and juicer. Some say Mihong grapes have a special honey flavor and others that they have a musky aroma. If the ratio of sweet and sour in Juphone grapes is just right they are delicious. When too sweet they taste too rich and are better with a touch of sourness. Italian grapes have larger spikes, uniform fruit size, an oval shape, green to yellow-green skin, crisp pulp, and a charming musky aroma.

Due to advances in grape production period adjustments and refrigeration technology in Taiwan, grapes are available almost all year round, so this is how to make them last:

preservation method

  1. After buying the grapes, wrap them in paper and store them temporarily in a refrigerator (using a plastic bag can lead to frosting on the surface of the grapes, causing cracking and rotting)
  2. If you place them in a refrigerator, store them at -0.5 ~ 0 ℃ for 2-8 weeks.
  3. The grapes should be washed before being consumed, because they are easily damaged if they are not eaten after washing. After washing, they can only be stored for 2-3 days even if kept in a refrigerator.
  4. Finally, before eating, cut at the junction of the stalk and the fruit, put them in a basin, add a little water and salt, and gently rub in.
Reference: Grape Theme Pavilion, Ministry of Agriculture
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