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The Fipronil Egg Incident

Broad-spectrum insecticide - fipronil

Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide, which has insecticidal activity against crustaceans, ants, termites and other insects. Therefore, Fipronil is mostly used as an insecticide, other than chemicals used in agricultural production. It is also an environmental sanitation drug or an animal drug for pet flea control.

According to EU standards, the allowable amount of fipronil residue in eggs is 5ppb. If eaten in large doses, it can damage the liver, kidneys and thyroid function. If humans are chronically poisoned, there are also harmful neurological symptoms.

Say no to toxic eggs, stay healthy

If you want to access information on the source of eggs that have passed government inspection, go to the Ministry of Agriculture website to inquire about the eggs and their source. In addition, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, and Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau also disclose such results on their websites.

People in Taiwan eat a lot of eggs, follow the suggestions below to reduce the chance of eating toxic eggs:

  1. Tracking the source of eggs: If you buy eggs at a supermarket, there is an animal farm source label on the carton. An egg tracking label system has been fully implemented in Taiwan. Eggs purchased in traditional markets have a QR code on each egg carton to indicate the source egg farm.
  2. Eat a balanced diet: This does not favor or exclude specific foods.
  3. Reduce brand loyalty: Do not buy eggs from the same egg vendor and supermarket to spread risk.
  4. Pay attention to packaging labels: try to buy eggs with clearly marked packaging sources and better storage conditions. It is best not to buy loose eggs without markings. Eat other protein based foods: If you are concerned about toxic eggs, drink soy milk, and eat tofu, fish or lean meat, 1 tl of lean meat, 1 tl of fish or 1 piece of 10cm x 10cm tofu are approximately equal to the same as the protein content of an egg ("1 tl" is equivalent to "37.5 grams")
  5. Drink more water to speed up metabolism: if you inadvertently consume toxic eggs, increase water intake by at least 1800c.c. On a hot day when people sweat more, water intake should be 2500c.c. or more to help your body better metabolize the toxins.
References: Tea Research and Extension Station, Ministry of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Ministry of Agriculture, Sanyi Township Public Health Center, Miaoli County
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